Everyone walks around under the influence of their own personal history. Generally people feel trapped, stuck, or uninspired. Self-medicating, and you all know why they are, relieves this momentarily, but that’s never good enough for the long haul. Negative experiences lead to negative emotions lead to negative expectations. There is a path that leads to hope.

Negative Underlying Belief Systems make the world a hard place to be. The path to hope does exist. A special healing technique was created because WE needed it to be created. Dramatic results from a single treatment seems to only exist in a fairy tail. Well sometimes there is some truth in these fairy tales. Imagine if it was possible for you to get a fresh start, a chance to wipe your slate clean? It turns out, there is!

Over 10,000 past patients that have received their fresh start. I’ve been practicing Chi Kung since 1978 FULL TIME. Some fall in love and get married… I found Chi Kung!

My slogan is, “DUMP YOUR EMOTIONAL JUNK! Just get better and move on with your life.” Listen to the one hour show, get excited, make an appointment, and just get better. Today could be the start of many great days!

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