Angelica intuitively combines Usui, Dragon, and Holy Fire Reiki. Be prepared to decompress,  unwind,  relax and heal during her Reiki sessions. Angelica begins her Reiki session by creating an intention with you So that both client and practitioner can work towards the same goal. Whether the intention is to heal anxiety, depression, fear, pain, removing blockages, creating flow, Healing Physical or spiritual trauma, or whatever you want to create with her. Angelica then Energetically goes to work on you Providing a magical blissful healing experience. In her reiki sessions, she uses a variety of intentional oils along with aromatherapy. As you lay on a bed of Amethyst, 528Hz The frequency of love and miracles plays softly in the background providing further support. She uses crystals to Assist in the clearing, balancing, and energizing of your chakras. If that was not enough, she also uses products from her apothecary line to create an Aromatic and intentional experience! Expect to receive reiki in your entire body with a no-touch and light-touch approach. Your Reiki session culminates with an oil reading! This approach was created by Angelica intuitively. She has a selection of intentional oils and sets the intention to pull out three or more oils that are aligned with your greatest good. Be ready and excited to receive your divine oil reading at the end of your Reiki session.

 60 minutes - $70 **

** Wellness program- Book your next Reiki session within a month and receive $10 off!! Keep that lower price as long as you come in monthly*

 Guided Reiki magical journey coming soon!!!