Medical Qi Gong

Medical Qi Gong is an energy treatment modality that is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Qi Gong means energy skill and Medical Qi Gong practice is a way to move energy and keep it flowing within one’s body. When energy does not move, it stagnates. It is believed that energetic stagnation is a precursor to disease. In Ancient China clients regularly sought out Medical Qi Gong practitioners to dissolve stagnation so they could prevent illness. Each session treats the mind, body, and spirit. The purposes of a treatment are to protect, improve and strengthen the body and the mind. Sessions also help one integrate spiritual health and clear energy stagnation. Through use of qi, light, sound, breathing, intuition and intention, stagnant energy is released and replaced with clean, Divine healing energy. Individual sessions can help one feel rejuvenated, refreshed, balanced and grounded. Treatments assist clients in their ability to recognize, process and release blockages. When one addresses the root cause of their blockage, stagnation is removed. Sessions are designed to enhance spiritual insights, help energy flow, speed up healing, decrease stress.

Specific sound therapies, essential oils, crystals, or Tibetan singing bowls, may be incorporated into sessions.

Medical Qi Gong Treatment session (Approximately 60 minutes): $100.  

Initial Intake Medical Qi Gong Treatment Session

Initial Intake Medical Qi Gong Treatment Sessions last about 90 minutes and include a Medical Qi Gong Treatment Session (described above). In addition, the session includes an in-depth exploration of life events. When events are discussed, old emotions may surface, and connections can be made to current situations. As emotions come to the surface, the energy of the emotions can be processed during treatment. When the emotions are processed, they can be released.

Initial Intake sessions are highly recommended during the first treatment session as it helps the client make a higher spiritual and energetic connection, which makes the treatment more effective.

Initial Intake session (Approximately 90 minutes): $149.