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The Ajna Light was created in 2014 by energy worker and Yogi Guy Harriman to help people explore their intimate connection with the wisdom of the universe by using flicker light frequencies to stimulate and activate our pineal gland. 

The pineal gland is a vestigial third eye which is located at the exact center of the brain and is one of the seven energy centers in our bodies called chakras. It has all of the characteristics of the two optical eyes we use for everyday vision. The pineal gland has the remnants of the cornea and retina,  and has the same light sensitive cells as the eyes.                                                                                                                             

The Ajna Light uses the latest high power LEDs to allow the hypnagogic trance state to be induced easily and rapidly, and as soon as the Ajna Light stops playing the light pattern sequence, the receiver can quickly come back to the normal alpha or beta brainwave condition without the side-effects of Ayahuasca or LSD. The Ajna Light will take you on a shamanic trance journey to connect to the root of your soul's wisdom, stimulating the pineal gland to open up psychic vision in a harmonious natural and powerful way, in balance with your own physiology.

Benefits of Ajna Light therapy include:

Relaxed and calm emotions, greater spiritual Insight, heightened intuition, deep meditative experiences, increased creativity and possible astral projection.

We are proud to offer the Ajna Light therapy and we are one of only TWO healing centers in the Chicagoland area to offer this service to our friends and family.  Our Ajna Light practitioner is a life long resident of the south suburbs and friend to Holistic Happenings, Matt Peglow.  The Ajna Light came into Matt's life along his spiritual awakening journey and he is excited to bring this modality of therapy to the Holistic Happenings community.  Sessions are by appointment only and are primarily available on afternoons/evenings during the week and on Saturdays.  Please contact us for scheduling. 

*Please be advised, if you have a seizure disorder or a family history of seizure disorder, we are very sorry but Ajna Light therapy is not recommended or offered. 

1hr: $50 Half hour: $25